Passion And Pain


I’m a passionate sadist who loves to subject men and make them her toy. Pain is not my only tool to do that. By exposing you, laughing at you or humiliating you in other entertaining ways, I break your psyche and enjoy your suffering.


I set just as much value on elegance as on dominance. Therefore I like to show myself in real nylons and classy high heels. I love corsets and leather and rubber fetish wear. As a traditional mistress I remain untouchable, but if my feet ever happen to get tired from the creative use of my pointy heels, I enjoy a relaxing foot massage from a slave.


In case you are more adventurous in the world of pain, you will be pleased to hear that CBT, leg scissors, nipple torture and flagellation are some of my favorite ways to play. I own a wide variety of toys, including paddles, canes, clamps, needles, shackles, wheel of pain, gags, ropes, dildos and butt plugs. It is understood that these will be used only on YOU for MY amusement. As a native sadist it is my fulfillment to watch you suffer in agony. Your suffering is for me, not for your lust. You are my slave, committed to please and entertain me. In return I am the fulfillment of all your bizarre dreams.


You are new to the world of female domination and all this sounds a bit harsh to you? That’s no excuse! I am a sensitive mistress, who knows how to best match your personal needs and experimental level. Maybe I’ll simply let you become my pet and ride you like a horse. Servants are always welcome, too! Spanking, face sitting and foot erotic can also be a good introduction into the world of BDSM.


Intrigued? Then click here to contact me. I dare you!

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